Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi, here are some redrawn pastels. Few weeks ago I washed some old pastels that started to loose color, the fixative was very bad. Than I redrawn some of them after the photos that I took while they were still fresh - couple of years ago. The old ones are on my blog, if you wanna have a look, Patel Sketches - Firiza Maramures:
I think pastel is a handy technique for working outside in the sun. You don't need a lot of things like water, mediums, brushes... I kinda like it.

You shall not pass! -Miguel

One more ^^.
Once again my main focus was to have a nice and moody light setting I wanted to give some fairy tale feeling to the picture.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Viking Girl-Miguel

This is a portrait I did some time ago of my girl friend dressed as a viking girl.
I painted it  after I visited her when she was working at Birka as a guide(a Swedish viking town).
Thats why the viking theme ;) I was inspired by Klimt when i painted it.

Troll Killer-Miguel

Continuing with the Barbarians... For Crom! :D
I started this picture as a simple one with just the guy with the axe, but little by little i started to add more stuff and it ended up like this. My main focus was the light. I am obsessed with it, i could say that now it is my main goal to learn how to put it properly.


Hi girls, guys, new image from a series that I've started some time ago. Cheers, have a great day!!

And here are some of the old ones