Thursday, September 22, 2011

Northern helmets - Miguel

First I want to say how much excited i am about the opening of the Blog and how great it is to share this experience with so many talented artists!
Now, about this first picture. It is a quick sketch that I did mainly as a light study and worm up exercise.

With this second picture, i just wanted to have some fun and not complicate my self with fancy ideas. So i went for a classic badass barbarian from the Nord because, as everybody knows there is nothing more fun and badass than a barbarian!! :P 
The theme of the Northern Helmets is represented by the pile of helmets that stand as trophies.


  1. Very nice composition on the first one, dynamic well balanced,with a cinematic shot air.
    well done.

  2. Pfff, el culo pepsi-cola, cabron! La unica pega que tengo en el primero es el personaje centrado y tangente al margen de arriba. En el segundo el torso y la cabeza estan de putisima madre (chapeau, chaval!).
    No hace falta firmar, a que no?!