Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introduction post! Dave

Hey everyone.
I'm Dave. I've joined the Cinematic team a couple of months ago to "help make the cinematics even prettier", however possible.
I moved the Sweden from Israel and am building a new life using the knowledge of the life I've left behind.
One of the points I've learned is that I need to build into my schedule more personal painting/drawing time. So I'm happy to join this blog and share what I'm working on with you guys, and hopefully watching the cool stuff you make will help inspire me and keep me at it :)

This is my personal gallery
I'm very open to critique and would be happy to get any criticism - painting is just a hobby for me and from looking around here there's a lot I could learn from you guys. So please, show no mercy.

I guess to open my first post, I'll attach to two painting that I've managed to squeeze in since I got to Sweden. The first was inspired by Curiosity (the Mars rover), the second is character concept art for a personal project I'm working on with some friends.



  1. Awesome to have you here and that you share your art with us.

  2. Nice to see some of your art, especially like the second one, interesting ideas, really like the texture detail on the sword. The first one has a bit uneven roughness to the edges imo, the composition is quite unusual wich I like but I think it could be stronger with some saturation and level changes to guide the eye more towards that main rock formation. Looking forward to see more stuff! :)

  3. Hey Johannes, thanks for the comment.
    I agree. I was making a quicky with the first one and didn't feel like going back to it after I put it down...
    Looking forward to making more stuff ;)

  4. Hej Dave, nice to have you around and I'm looking forward to meet you :)Good works!