Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Creation - Robert

This piece was made for the mythology theme. Based on a dream i had last year. Quoting from my dreambook: "So there i was, alone, in the vast emptiness of space. Sitting in total equilibrium. everything was still and dark.  I opened my eyes and looked down on my hands, but I had no hands, instead there were pencils. I started moving and as i did, time began.
Every move i made rippled out in different patterns and colors, trailing out as different elements and shapes from my hands: water, soil, fire and life.
I made the stars and i felt ready to take on this universe as a canvas and begin to paint worlds."

I had no idea what i ate before i went to bed, but if i did, i'd probably eat it again!


  1. Looks cool, Robban!

  2. thanks Oscar! :)
    Now when i look at it, its kind of trippy. I might do some minor tweaks to it when i have the time. Its so typical and irritating when you see the things that you should have fixed, after you posted it!

  3. Robban, came out lovely. Or as we say in Hebrew - Ben Zona tov (son of a whore good. It's a compliment!)
    Please let me know if you ever find out what you ate before bed, that sounds like the coolest dream/hallucination ever :)

  4. This is insane (the good kind)! So many things going on. :D As an aside, I really like the attention to detail you've put on the ground. Cool piece!